About Us

We Aspire’s mission is to enhance the world’s knowledge about Africa and its people. Run by a group of educated and highly motivated volunteers who understand the value of an intellectual approach to information sharing, the group believes that by molding together knowledge, passion, humility and kindness various verticals and disciplines can be discussed and debated in order to present and share the best work to address these topics that are crucial to Africa’s advancement.

We are engaged, educated, family raising, God fearing, loving, patriotic, funny and humble volunteers.

  • We want poverty to be a thing of the past.
  • We want to empower by presenting context.
  • We want to step in where there is a void.
  • We want to reach out when there is a need.
  • We want to support when a project is burdened.
  • We want to protect when we witness a vulnerable cause.
  • We exist because we care!
  • We are Africans, standing for Africa.